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Kandas Graham has years of experience in the real estate and legal business. She has helped countless people rent, buy, and sell homes in and around Matagorda. Kandas has a thorough understanding of the real estate market and what it takes to champion client needs.

From renting a vacation home to buying a Texas mansion, Kandas and her extremely talented team from TopWater Real Estate can help.

Whether you need help pricing your property, negotiating deals, aquiring financing, securing contractors to help with renovations and remodeling, Kandas knows just the right people for the job, and works with them on a regular basis. This means you can take advantage of her expertise and connections to get the best deals possible.

Big enough to handle it all, but small enough to give each client the focus they need — that’s Topwater Real Estate.

Pricing Property · Negotiating Deals · Qualifying Buyers · Running Credit Checks · Acquiring Financing · Securing Contractors ·  And more!

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Finding someone who understands what your dream home looks like, much less feels like, can be a tricky proposition. Additionally, although real estate transactions are not rocket science, they do take a certain focus and skill set. And most of the time it’s nice to have someone who will look out for your best interests. Ultimately, this applies to all the people involved; TopWater will help you assemble a team of professionals whose advice you can trust.

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Kandas Graham